Our Mission        

We want to be part of every food experience.

We are a family style company the relies on the talents and entrepreneurial spirit of our people and suppliers to provide the best possible food experience to our customers.

We are proud of our heritage and want to share some of the outstanding food products and innovative solutions.

SUPERNOVA (SG) PTE LTD is a specialty food importer of highest quality fish and seafood, among which the wild caught Argentine red shrimp, Chile Snow crab, Belgian roasted Arabica coffee, Belgian cheese, ready-made Belgian bakery and many more exquisite products.

Founded in 2015, SUPERNOVA (SG) PTE LTD has the ambition to become a respected fine food importer and distributor in Singapore. Our vision is to lead the industry with innovative, sustainable products that delight, inspire and exceed our customers' expectations. Every day, we work with our partners to bring the best, most unique, authentic and delicious products to our customers. Our diverse range of products paired with our solid foundation of quality assurance and food safety meet the requirements of every market, from commodity to specialty.